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Volumul nr. 2 (126)/2006

Field Crop Growing

- Bioecology and Control of Bean Weevil (Acanthoscelides Obtectus Say.)
T. Săpunaru, C. Filipescu, T. Georgescu, Yvonne-Cecilie Bild

- Influence of Sewage Sludge from Iasi Water Treatment Station on Soybean Yield Quantity and Quality and Soil Chemical Characteristics
C. Ailincăi, G. Jităreanu, D. Bucur, Despina Ailincăi, Maria Zbanţ, Ad. Mercus, M. Cara


- Growth and Fructifying Characteristics of some Sour Cherry Trees Varieties Lead under the Shape of Palmetta with Oblique Branch Crown Shape
M. Istrate, L. Petre, A. Nica, Elena Miron

- The Cluster Analysis of Clones Obtained from Aligoté Grapevine Variety
Liliana Rotaru, Gabriela Petrea


- Study on the Antocyans Profile in Grapes of Red Wine Varieties from Dealu Bujorului Vineyard
Gh. Odăgeriu, M. Niculaua, V. V. Cotea, C. Zamfir, C. Zănoagă

Revaluation of Horticultural Production

- Studies regarding the Utilization of Wood Chips on the Quality Improvement of some Natural Spirits
D. Beceanu, Roxana Mihaela Anghel

Animal Breeding

- Estimates of Heritability Coefficients in some Sheep Populations from the Sheep Breeding Research Station of Palas-Constanţa
Şt. Creangă, V. Maciuc, M. Coman

- Productive Parameters Achieved by the Lohmann Brown Laying Hybrid, Bred on Permanent Layer
M.G. Usturoi, I. Vacaru-Opriş, I. Ciocan

Veterinary Medicine

- Herd Health and Production Management System in Dairy Cows
Gh. Solcan

- Prevalence of Parasitical Infestations in Sheep from the Didactic Station of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Iaşi, during 2003-2005
D. Acatrinei, L. Miron, Simona Mihalachi

Integration of research and education with production

- Biomass and Biological Fuels
Ch. Popescu, D. Bucur

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